We’re Failing to Protect Marginalized Kids in Schools. Here’s Why.

Screenshot of the crucial moment.
“Suspended me, and the other kid me longer of course due to the fighting”
The student in the video reported that they had been suspended for longer than the other student involved. Because the student is a minor and may change their mind in the future about identifying themselves in the video, I am concealing their identity. Since they do not say which pronouns they use, I am using neutral they/them pronouns for the student that was harassed.
“I…was just looking for an apology but…that has been that has been the word to define me since 2nd grade”
The student reveals that this exact type of harassment had plagued them for years.
  • they must cope regularly with the stresses of micro- and macroaggressions, factors we know are detrimental to human health
  • they feel alone and unsupported when faced with prejudice
  • they are already disadvantaged through marginalization, and suspensions for self-defense put them further behind.
“My son gets bullied at school and teachers can careless [sic]”



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Anoosh Jorjorian

Anoosh Jorjorian


Writer, activist, inclusion and equity consultant. Parenting, immigration, LGBTQ+, racial justice. Patreon.com/jorjorian. Pub list: www.anooshjorjorian.com.