Don’t Listen to JK Rowling. Rights Aren’t Pie.

Tweet by @9BillionTigers, permalink here:
JK Rowling was trending on Twitter today because Stephen King had retweeted Rowling, and she had praised King in response on Twitter, but then King tweeted, “Trans women are women,” and Rowling deleted her tweet in praise of King.
Product photo from TeeTimeGuys on
A group of trans Latinas stand on a stage. One speaks into a mic, one holds a trans flag, others hold a banner.
Members of El/La Para TransLatinas speak on a stage in the Compton’s Transgender Cultural District, at the 2019 San Francisco Trans March. Photo by Pax Ahimsa Gethen, used under Creative Commons license. Original image here.



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Anoosh Jorjorian

Anoosh Jorjorian


Writer, activist, inclusion and equity consultant. Parenting, immigration, LGBTQ+, racial justice. Pub list: