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For National Coming Out Day 2019, I wrote this Twitter thread on trans children coming out as a follow-up to transphobic comments after Jacob, a trans boy, asked Elizabeth Warren, a candidate to be the Democratic Presidential nominee, how she would help trans kids feel safer in schools in the Equality Town Hall. I saw an appalling number of harmful myths in less than 24 hours. Let’s bust ‘em!

The GOP excuses murderers, but calls protesters “violent”

As he was leaving the White House after President Trump’s acceptance speech last Thursday, Senator Rand Paul pushed through a crowd of shouting protesters. No one was injured. Afterwards, he tweeted, “Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House. Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.” His words — if not quite his experience — echoed a frequent talking point throughout last week’s Republican National Convention, where speakers from Kimberly Guilfoyle to the McClosky couple (who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter demonstrators in St…

Harry Potter was defining for a generation. It was truly a phenomenon. My kids read the books, watched the movies, and listened to the audio books. But the author’s crusade — and I use that word deliberately — against trans rights has poisoned all my feelings about her work.

Tweet by @9BillionTigers, permalink here:
Tweet by @9BillionTigers, permalink here:
JK Rowling was trending on Twitter today because Stephen King had retweeted Rowling, and she had praised King in response on Twitter, but then King tweeted, “Trans women are women,” and Rowling deleted her tweet in praise of King.

JK Rowling should be ashamed of herself, but she isn’t. She has gone all the way down a rabbit hole to a distorted world of sex and gender essentialism, a worldview that actually harms all cis women and reduces them to the GOP definition of them: baby-growers on legs.

Her position…

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Note to white allies: When you beat up on your fellow white people for being ignorant about racism, you are NOT HELPING. Those naïve white people just waking up to racial justice? That want to do the right thing but are saying the wrong thing because they were just born to the struggle yesterday?

They are YOUR JOB #1. YOU are supposed to empathize with their white fragility, get them past their self-centering feels, and bring them over to…

Here, in this room, men and women gathered to confront the moral and ethical challenges of the day. They discussed. They debated. And ultimately, they launched a challenge to the oppression of British rule and started a Revolution.

Here, as they took their places among these pews, the spirit of the American imagination was formed, meeting by meeting, vote by vote, speech by speech.

—Elizabeth Warren, New Year’s Eve speech in Boston, MA

Elizabeth Warren stands, smiling, in front of an enormous American flag, a mic in her right hand, her left raised upwards.
Elizabeth Warren stands, smiling, in front of an enormous American flag, a mic in her right hand, her left raised upwards.

I honestly cannot turn my face towards the news today, when an entire continent burns, and when a man elected on spite and fear lashes out mindlessly…

Two days ago, a video of a high school student punching another student for calling him a f***** went viral on Twitter. (A more complete version of the incident is available here. CW for a non-Black youth using AAVE in a negatively stereotyping way.**)

Screenshot of the crucial moment.

The video dramatically captured a moment that is all-too-common for LGBTQ+ kids in K–12 schools: bullying motivated by homophobia and/or transphobia. According to a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) survey, LGBTQ+ youth are twice as likely to have experienced a physical assault than their peers. This statistic excludes other types of harassment, such as being the target…

My dad, of all people, clued me into the scandal. “Did you hear?” he asked me. Although I am queer and on Twitter and he is neither, he had heard about the “Mayor Pete Is Not Gay Enough” controversy, and I had not.

The kerfuffle — I don’t want to give this situation more dignity than it deserves — centers on a statement Pete Buttigieg made in an interview on The Clay Cane Show. Cane poses a question that, notably, does not accuse Buttigieg of somehow being “not gay enough.” Instead, it’s a question that goes directly to issues of…

CNN says what we’re all thinking.

I keep seeing y’all stressing about Trump getting elected again, wondering who of the Democratic candidates is “electable,” wondering who can beat Trump. Biden seems like the safe choice. Mayor Pete can talk to Midwest voters. Surely, we should just stick with a white guy, since the woman lost last time. “We need a moderate,” you say. “What about the Obama-Trump voters? How do we win them back?”

You might pride yourselves on being “realists.” “America is still so racist and sexist,” you say. “All that matters is beating Trump. Progressives are pulling the party too far to the left…

Part 1

Barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen… and feminist
(Photo by Kevin Miller)

Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen… the iconic image of a woman in need of feminism. Interesting to me that we say “in the kitchen.” “Barefoot” is self-evident, as is “pregnant.” “In the kitchen” is oddly coy. What is she doing in there? Well, she could be doing a lot of things, just as I do: washing dishes, paying bills, chatting with a friend. Doing a science experiment with a child. Heck, she could be sitting at the counter with The New York Times and a cup of coffee.

But we know that’s not what she’s doing. …

So, is Rachel Dolezal transracial or not?

William E. Artis, Untitled
(Idealized Head of a Woman).

(Photo by Jerry Dohnal. Original here. Used under Creative Commons license.)

First of all, please stop using the word “transracial” when talking about Rachel Dolezal, because it doesn’t mean what you think it means. “Transracial” already exists, but to describe children, usually of color, adopted into a family of a different race, usually white. These children are transplanted from the race, culture, and heritage of their birth into a completely different one, but that doesn’t mean they somehow stop being African-American, Ethiopian, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Salvadoran.

In fact, the true meaning of transracial reveals the impossibility of Dolezal’s claim to racial transformation. Many transracial…

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