Fight transphobia. Know the facts.

Photo by Denin Lawley on Unsplash

The GOP excuses murderers, but calls protesters “violent”

Tweet by @9BillionTigers, permalink here:
JK Rowling was trending on Twitter today because Stephen King had retweeted Rowling, and she had praised King in response on Twitter, but then King tweeted, “Trans women are women,” and Rowling deleted her tweet in praise of King.

Elizabeth Warren stands, smiling, in front of an enormous American flag, a mic in her right hand, her left raised upwards.

Screenshot of the crucial moment.

CNN says what we’re all thinking.

Part 1

Barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen… and feminist
(Photo by Kevin Miller)

William E. Artis, Untitled
(Idealized Head of a Woman).

(Photo by Jerry Dohnal. Original here. Used under Creative Commons license.)

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Writer, activist, inclusion and equity consultant. Parenting, immigration, LGBTQ+, racial justice. Pub list:

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